5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congratulations, you and the special person in your life have made it to five years together. Making it five years together is quite a feat, and it’s time to honor your relationship with a special gift.

You should celebrate every day of your lives together, but your anniversary is when your memory flashes back to your heart-warming wedding date. 

With each anniversary, traditional gifts are based on materials. Your first 5 years of traditional gift-giving looks like this:

1st anniversary: paper

2nd anniversary: cotton

3rd anniversary: leather

4th anniversary: fruits or flowers

5th anniversary: wood

Each gift symbolizes and commemorates your relationship. For your 5 year wedding anniversary, you’ll exchange gifts of wood. Luckily, wood is kind of our thing, so we can give you a complete guide to this traditional present.  

What Does a Wooden Gift Symbolize?

Wood represents your relationship. Trees are often known as symbols of wisdom, strength, and persistence. After being married for five years, you have a deep understanding of each other and a durable bond.

Wooden gifts reflect the nature of your relationship, how you’ve grown and how you will evolve.

Wood is intricate and beautiful. Craftsmanship enhances wood’s beauty, and when given as a gift, it has a personal meaning. You and your partner can cherish a well-crafted piece forever. For all that wood represents, it makes the perfect 5-year anniversary gift tradition.

Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Year Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas: infographic by Original Grain

For Each Other

There aren’t many gifts made of wood that live outside of the home, making them that much more unique. Consider some wooden gifts that your partner can always keep with them.


Your relationship is unique, and the gifts you exchange should reflect that. A watch may not be what typically comes to mind when thinking of wood, but that’s what makes it all the more unique.

At Original Grain, we use wood to make our watches, which adds an extra layer of complexity to your gift. At the same time, no one piece of wood is the same, making each watch intriguing. 

Whether you choose a watch made out of reclaimed wood from a time or place that holds meaning to your partner, this gift will indeed be one of a kind.

Image of Original Grain reclaimed wood watch

Your partner may be a whiskey lover, a military member, or you may have vacationed in West Africa; an Original Grain watch can represent all of those experiences. Original Grain watches chronicle your accomplishments and stay with you as you achieve more together.


A ring is another piece of jewelry that can be unique if made of wood. It’s not often that jewelers use wood to make their pieces. By using woods from exotic destinations and powerful moments in history, Original Grain makes timeless rings.

Your partner may already have a ring from your wedding, but one made of wood can make a great 5th-anniversary gift. A wooden ring can be a casual and refreshing reminder of your love or a beautiful way to renew your vows.

Image of reclaimed wood rings by Original Grain

A Tool For Their Hobby

Whether your partner is an artist or guitar player, an item that will support them in their hobby can be the most inspiring gift you can give.

An artist: Set your partner up with a wooden easel, some paint, and a couple of canvases, so that they can create a piece inspired by your relationship.

A musician: No matter what instrument your partner plays, there’s a wooden accessory that can make them think of you as they do what they love. If your partner plays a guitar, gift them with a wooden pick, if they’re the hot drummer hook them up with some engraved drumsticks, or for your smooth sax-player an elegant wooden case can give them a wildly new sense of confidence.

An athlete: Your athlete can always use some new gear. Your skater partner will be thrilled to have a new deck, any baseball player loves the first crack of a well-crafted bat, and for lifters some wooden weightlifting shoes are the perfect accessory for leg-days. 

If you share a love for the same activity, your gift can make for a fantastic anniversary date. If this hobby is more of a them-thing, they’ll forever be reminded of your special day as they do what they love.

Office Desk Decorations

Your partner may be returning to the office for the first time in years, so you may want to give a 5 year wedding anniversary gift that can go with them.

A lovely wooden picture frame, planter, or office supply holder can be a slight touch to your partner’s desk that reminds them of you. If one present doesn’t seem like enough, create your own gift set of wooden desk decorations.

For Your Home

Even in a more modern home, wooden decor can make the perfect gift.


image of a wooden dresser

A dresser may be the perfect wooden anniversary gift. For many couples, a dresser or closet is the first thing that they ever share. It may have started with one of you sacrificing a drawer or two, but now, you’ve adapted to sharing one space.

A well-crafted dresser demonstrates your love. A dresser represents your abilities to respect each other’s space but also come together.

Kitchen Supplies

Many say you can show love through your cooking. Food is a love language for many of us, and the time you spend with your loved one in the kitchen can live in your memories for a lifetime.

Kitchen supplies can define the feeling of home. Stainless steel pans feel replaceable and aren’t as cherished as a quality cutting board. Consider splurging in some items for your kitchen, and make some upgrades from when you two first moved in together.

Natural wood brings life into your home. Use wooden mixing spoons, coasters, or spice racks, and feel the warmth of nature as you cook. Continue to build memories as you cook dishes with each other and use thoughtfully crafted supplies to make them that much more special.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a beautiful gift to give your partner.

image of a wooden rocking chair

Wooden rocking chairs are timeless, a great symbol of your love. Rocking chairs remind us all of the comfort, warmth, and feeling of being home. If your partner is a bookworm or there’s a new addition to your family, a rocking chair can be the perfect place to sit, relax, and feel loved.

Make It Count

After five years of marriage, you’ll want to give the perfect gift. While you go about your search, think about your relationship and what would best represent your love. Each wood has its own properties and history.

Burl wood is known for being rugged and resilient. Acacia wood represents integrity and perseverance. Ebony wood symbolizes power, purity, and balance. Your partner should enjoy their anniversary gift as much as they adore you. 

Beautiful wood, thoughtful craftsmanship, and knowing your partner makes the perfect combination for choosing the perfect traditional gift.

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