5 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

5 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Every year as the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about holiday gift ideas once again. With so many holidays and reasons to celebrate in the final few months on the calendar, it seems like every year is a new struggle to think of great gifts to give! You might be able to get away with a gift card for one or two of your friends, but there are bound to be people in your life that deserve a little more thought. 

Unfortunately, we can’t help you figure a gift for everyone, but we do have some stellar ideas lined up for a particular type of person; whiskey lovers. Now, we know that whiskey can be a polarizing drink, but it remains a prevalent beverage choice around the world, and there’s a pretty good chance you have at least one true whiskey lover in your life. If nobody comes to mind, then perhaps this list is your entryway into the fantastic world of whiskey! 

Whatever your reasoning is, there are plenty of whiskey-themed products (and some great whiskey itself) that are certain to brighten any whiskey fanatic’s day. So whether you’re trying to impress your father-in-law with a high-quality single malt, or sharing a bottle of your favorite Irish Whiskey with your best friend, here are five of our best whiskey gifts. 

5 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers From Original Grain

Ice Mold

Though some whiskey purists might scoff at the suggestion of ice in whiskey, it’s not as taboo as people would have you think! Ice cubes in whiskey can certainly dilute the alcohol slightly, but that’s not a bad thing. A dash of water in whiskey can help open up new flavors and aromas! 

The real issue is whiskey with the wrong ice, namely, ice that melts too quickly. If you use regular ice cubes, the ice will melt into the drink faster than necessary, watering it down too much. Here’s where an ice mold comes in handy! 

With an excellent spherical ice mold, your friend can make the proper type of ice for whiskey enjoyment. These giant balls of ice melt at a much slower pace while still chilling your drink to the perfect temperature. As far as straightforward yet thoughtful whiskey gifts go, this one checks all of the boxes.

Whiskey Stones

Of course, there will always be another side to any argument, and if you know your friend will turn up their nose (literally or figuratively) at the idea of ice in whiskey, there’s a different gift we might suggest. Whiskey stones were invented for this exact purpose! Without any ice to melt, whiskey stones keep your drink cold with no chance of dilution. 

Traditionally made of non-porous soapstone, marble, or stainless steel, whiskey stones won’t add any extra flavor or water to your glass of whiskey. This is a big selling point for many people, so before you get your friend a set of whiskey stones (or an ice mold like the one above), make sure you know their stance on the topic.   

Bottle Of Whiskey

While this gift is pretty obvious, that doesn’t mean it should be left off the list! Getting a nice bottle of whiskey will never be a bad idea for the whiskey lover in your life; just make sure you know what you’re doing. For example, if you’re a whiskey novice, you might not know the difference between two different types of whiskey or what particular preferences your friend has.

When picking out a bottle of whiskey, do some preliminary research, and maybe try to sneak some information from your friend on what they like. After that, find a bottle that matches a price you are comfortable with, and you’re good to go. Even if it isn’t the perfect bottle, whiskey drinkers are sure to love the thought and effort you went through.

Rocks Glasses

While our first three gifts can sometimes be hit or miss, getting a nice set of rocks glasses will almost always be a hit. There are a few types of alcohol glasses that whiskey is traditionally served in, but a rocks glass is one of the most versatile and commonly used. Its design allows for whiskey on or off the rocks and has an excellent capacity for mixed whiskey cocktails!

Glasses are simply one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers because, with the right glass, you can genuinely improve your whiskey-drinking experience! If you can snag your friend a pair of fancy rock glasses for your next gift, you might just want to hop on that opportunity. We can all but guarantee that it will be a popular choice.

Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch

Whiskey Barrel Watch

So far, we’ve seen whiskey accessories, whiskey glasses, and whiskey itself, but if you want to get your whiskey-loving friend something a little more unique, then this final suggestion is for you! 

In a brilliant combination of whiskey memorabilia and fashionable accessories, you could consider getting your friend a wooden watch made from used whiskey barrels! 

You’re probably aware that whiskey is barrel-aged alcohol, meaning that it must sit in a barrel (typically oak barrels, sometimes cherry) for a time after it is brewed. The barrel gives whiskey its color and some of the aroma and flavor of the drink. Once the whiskey is done aging, these barrels can go through a couple more lifetimes. Some go to other types of breweries and distilleries for different alcohols, while others are broken down and recycled into various products. 

At Original Grain, we use some of the best natural wood leftovers from whiskey barrels to craft our unique barrel wood watches! We’ve committed to using recycled materials as much as possible in our designs, and whiskey barrel wood just happens to be a fantastic material to work with. If you’re looking for a gift that is fashionable, sustainable, and whiskey-centric, these watches are just what you’ve been looking for. 

Watches For All Occasions

Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch

Besides our whiskey barrel watch collection, we have various styles and materials that make up a wide selection of beautiful timepieces. With men’s, women’s, and children’s types available across all sorts of looks, Original Grain is changing the luxury watch game. Check out our collections for an idea of all that we have to offer, and keep checking back on our blog for more sustainability and fashion advice!

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