Experience the legacy, embrace the craftsmanship:

We’ve crafted five watches using authentic Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels from Lynchburg, TN, inlaid with genuine limestone and charcoal representing the Cave Spring Hollow and the charcoal mellowing process that makes Jack, Jack.

Experience the legacy and embrace the craftsmanship today:

  • SMOOTH & UNIQUE: Just Like The Guys Who Wear 'Em

    These watches don’t just tell time. They tell the story of Jack Daniel, they tell story of Lynchburg, Tennessee, and they tell the story of every guy who chooses to wear it.

  • Celebrating The Heritage And History Of Old No. 7

    By incorporating the very materials that define Jack's distinct character - barrel wood, charcoal, and limestone - these watches embody Tennessee Whiskey from barrel to wrist.

Original grain x jack daniel's

celebrate the heritage

To celebrate the heritage and history of Jack Daniel’s, we’ve designed a collection of 5 unique timepieces made with authentic Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels. We built this collection from the ground up to deliver a Jack Daniel’s timepiece as a tribute to the iconic brand's rich history and Jack’s commitment to quality.

the legacy of Jack Daniel's

tennessee whiskey barrels

Every detail of these timepieces reflects the legacy of Jack Daniel's, from the rugged yet refined aesthetic to the intricate craftsmanship. With each glance at your wrist, you'll be reminded of the timeless artistry that goes into every drop of Jack Daniel's whiskey.