Join Us In Our Fight To Help Heal Mother Nature

At Original Grain, we believe that every second counts, not just for keeping track of time, but for making a real impact on the world around us. As the U.S. battles devastating forest fires each year, we’re inviting you to be a part of our recovery effort.

Handcrafted from naturally fallen and charred wood from forest fires across North America. Each purchase will trigger a donation to Direct Relief, an organization providing front-line aid to fighting wildfires.

Answering Earth's Cry

With devastating forest fires spanning across the US each year, this destruction calls us to a higher purpose. It's our duty to leave the Earth better than we found it.

Our Mission: Plant 1 Million Trees by 2025

Every piece from this collection triggers multiple donations. The first goes to planting trees in deforested areas of the world. The second, is donated to first-responders of firefighting efforts. We're over halfway to our goal of planting 1 million trees, but we need your help to finish the job!