Smooth & Unique. Just Like The Men Who Wear Them:

Good whiskey creates good times. So, we crafted a collection of watches from whiskey barrel wood to celebrate the time spent sharing a drink with your tribe.

Upgrade your watch collection today, with a timepiece with as much character & as classic as you:

  • Neat, On the Rocks, Or In a Cocktail?

    No matter how you take your whiskey, no matter your style, we've got a timepiece perfect for any guy. Using black and espresso-plated stainless steel, with a variety of sizes & dial designs, we've got a watch any collector can wear proudly.

  • Made From What Makes You, You

    Using our own dial designs & whiskey barrel wood, these watches are as unique as the guys who wear them. Make it a part of your story, and be prepared for people to ask you where you got it!