Our Salute To Service: Watches Made From Authentic Military Crates, with Proceeds Donated to Active Valor

After our co-founder returned from deployment, he started Original Grain by using unique & reclaimed materials to make watches that don’t just tell time, they tell stories.

This collection tells the stories of the brave men & women, and their families, who have sacrificed in service for their country. Join our mission, and salute to service & style today.

  • Made from Military Ammo Crate Wood

    These watches don't just tell time, they tell the stories of our nation's heroes.

  • As Authentic As It Gets

    Original Grain's Co-Founder & Marine Corps Veteran Andrew Beltran has made it his mission to give back to his brothers & sisters in arms.

Reclaimed From The Front Lines

During our Founder's tours, he used ammunition crates to move radio equipment, ammo, and other classifieds, and was never let down by their durability.

A Piece Of History On Your Wrist

Wear your patriotism proudly, with any piece from our Military Collection to show your gratitidue for our fallen heroes, Veterans, and Active Duty Service Members