Smooth, Unique, and always a good time: Just like the guys that wear 'em.

Good beer creates good times. So, we crafted a collection of watches from craft beer barrel wood to celebrate the time spent sharing a drink with your tribe.

Upgrade your watch collection today, with a timepiece with as much character & as classic as you:

  • Soaked in Tradition

    Every piece in the Brewmaster collection uses reclaimed barrel wood used in aging fine craft beer.

  • Handcrafted for Time Well Spent

    These pieces are made from what makes you, you! Experience good times like never before.

Every piece tells a story

Ingrain yourself in the rich history of master brewing.

Built for you

From the light beer chuggers, to the craft beer aficionados and everyone in between, the Brewmaster collection lets you wear your passion every hour of the day.