Reliable & trustworthy: Just like the men who wear them:

Automatic, or self-winding mechanical watches are powered by every move you make. As long as you wear it, these watches will keep up with you wherever your next adventure takes you.

Like clockwork, these watches will be there for you every second you need them, just like the guys who wear 'em.

Grab one of the most unique automatic watches in the world, for guys that love going against the grain:

  • As Rugged As The Men Who Wear It

    Each Rugged Automatic watch from Original Grain comes with a skeleton dial & clear caseback to show off our ST1701, 20 Jewel, Automatic Movement, which boasts a 40-hour power reserve.

  • Refined Engineering Meets Reclaimed Materials

    Using reclaimed materials like TRD Aluminum, whiskey & beer barrels, these watches don't just tell time. They tell the stories of the guys who wear them proudly.