Shedding Treasure

Deer are astounding creatures, prized for their beauty, strength and resilience, just like an Original Grain timepiece. We ethically sourced their shed antlers from forest floors to create an absolutely unique collection that you will admire not just for their beauty and connection to the living world around you - but you will also know that your individual piece is truly and forever a one-of-a-kind. Limited quantities available, pre-order yours today!

  • Made with Naturally Shed Antlers

    Each timepiece and ring is made with ethically sourced deer antler shed from forest floors. No deer were harmed in the making.

  • Every Purchase Plants One Tree

    As responsible stewards, Original Grain dedicates a portion of these proceeds to sustaining the environment these animals, like us, call home.


We all experience seasons.
Seasons of growth, and seasons of sacrifice.
The same way deer naturally shed their antlers every year to re-grow new ones. Proudly wear a one-of-a-kind piece connecting you to the will to survive in the wild.


Drawing on nearly a decade of experience working with sustainably sourced reclaimed wood, we’re proud to present a collection of rings and watches made with quality craftsmanship unlike anything on the market.

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