Spring '17 Style Guide

Spring '17 Style Guide

April 14th, 2017


With Spring being right around the corner, we ventured through the streets of sunny downtown San Diego with Gil and Gabe to bring you the Spring 2017 Style Guide. Keeping Craft, Style and Authenticity in mind, Original Grain sets out to bring a unique look while making a bold statement along the way. Let's take a peek at our favorite selects for Spring, perfect for keeping your look authentic. 



 - An art form. To make / create with skill and careful attention to detail -

Original Grain strives to stand out with its sleek yet elegant design. The craft of making wood and steel watches roots from our everyday lifestyle, vibe and culture. As a craft, we take our time with each piece, making it truly one of a kind.


- A distinctive look with reference to form, appearance and craftsmanship -  

No matter what look you're going for, OG has your back. Whether you're cruising around the city under the sun, or suited up for a night on the town, each Original Grain watch is styled to match your perfect outfit. Paying close attention to detail, the Spring collection is sure to turn some heads. 


- Being who you are, listening to yourself and making your own decisions -

Staying true to yourself, embracing your style and maintaining authenticity gives you the power to lead the life you want to live. By offering a selection of sizes, colors, exotics woods and more, Original Grain stays true to its word; Inspired to create a watch that simply didn't exist. 

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