Original Grain x Trees For The Future

Original Grain x Trees For The Future

The origin of Original Grain relies heavily on the the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest. As a company rooted in nature and the outdoors, limiting the impact it has on the environment is an essential part of who we are. By using reclaimed wood, we continue our focus on preserving the environment that so many entities depend on, and why partnering with a company like Trees for the Future was a no-brainer for us.  

Trees for the Future (TREES) has been making a difference in the world since 1989, and has continued to plant millions of trees, directly helping the livelihood of thousands of people from over 19 countries. By providing information, seeds, and training materials, TREES is able to restore life to soil that was degraded or abandoned, allowing locals to save their homes and themselves. 

Now, with the help from all of you, we can help in making a positive impact. With each wood and steel watch sold, we are planting 10 trees in hopes to hit our goal of 1 million trees planted in 2016! With our partnership with Trees for the Future, we can provide thousands of people food, jobs, and a better life. With over 120,000 trees already planted, we are hoping to surpass our goal and then some as we embark into 2016.

"Leave this world a little better than you found it." - Robert Baden-Powell


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