Jim Beam Black x Original Grain

Jim Beam Black x Original Grain

The Jim Beam Black and Original Grain design collaboration was inspired by features found in bourbon barrels. We created 500 limited edition timepieces complimented with a Gentlemen's kit that includes an additional Italian Leather Band, Collaborative Flask and additional tools to adjust the bands. This Automatic watch has been Hand-crafted with reclaimed Jim Beam Bourbon barrel wood, as our salute to American heritage.

In the Press:
Ask Men & HypeBeast 

Here's what Askmen had to say about the collab: Full Article here.
"Original Grain has knocked it out of the park with this stylish watch, featuring reclaimed wood
from Jim Beam bourbon barrels. The elegantly grained wood face
is branded with the Jim Beam logo to make a stylish gift set"

As a second appearance on Hypebeastcheck it out here!
"Original Grain and Jim Beam Black link up for an All-American collaboration.
OG has updated the style with several details which is limited to just 500 pieces.
It was an honor to work and create such a beautiful timepiece with Jim Beam,
and we hope to pass on this bit of history with you.
To purchase your own kit: http://www.originalgrain.com/pages/jim-beam
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