Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Between winter holidays, a birthday, and Father’s Day, it’s always a good time to think about gifts for dad. 

Your dad is sometimes one of the hardest people to shop for because he never explicitly says what he wants. Each year you make a purchase and hope that your dad actually uses his present this time. 

If you’ve been unsure of what to get your dad (or any father figure in your life), Original Grain is a great place to start. We tell the stories of individuals who’ve walked many different paths, meaning we have something for everyone.

What Kind of Dad Do You Have?

Not only are our watches quality, functioning pieces, but they also carry meaning. We like to say that it’s not just a timepiece, it’s a piece of time. With dad always spewing on about “back in his day,” you might as well buy him a gift that shows you’ve been listening. 

Whether your dad’s a sports fan, military veteran, or outdoorsy type, he’ll find himself represented in one of our watches or accessories. Original Grain pieces are made from wood and other materials that perfectly represent your father and his story. 

With this year’s gift, your father will feel that you truly know and appreciate him for all that he is.

Different watches your dad will actually wear as gifts

For the Music Enthusiasts

If your dad’s a jammer and gets down for some classic tunes we know that he knows good music. Despite his enthusiasm, it’s not always the right time or place to throw on a record or crank up the stereo.

When dad’s in the office and can’t get down, he can use his Original Grain Taylor Guitar watch to get the conversation going. The watch is great for music lovers alike who want to show off on a high note.

Sustainably sourced from Cameroon, this striped West African ebony wood is found in the pinnacle of the Taylor Guitar’s line exclusively featured in their Presentation Series. Each watch is one-of-a-kind, just like your dad.

Get something for dad this year that is high quality and perfectly represents him and his interests.

For The Beverage Aficionado

If you have a dad who loves a quality drink at the end of the day, then he most likely appreciates the craftsmanship behind alcohol. At Original Grain, we’ve combined the art of alcohol, traditional woodworking, storytelling, and quality timepieces to make a great gift for your dad.

Great stories start with great spirits. We’ve incorporated woods from reclaimed whiskey, beer, and tequila barrels into our watches to preserve those stories. When dad gets a bit loose, he can use his Original Grain watch to get the conversation going once again. 

When wearing one of our reclaimed barrel watches your dad will be able to share how great of a child he’s raised, and hint at what other kinds of presents he’d appreciate (the liquid kinds). 

If your dad’s a whiskey guy in particular, we have the perfect gift ideas for you. A set of Jim Beam Whiskey Stones will keep dad’s glass cool without diluting his favorite beverage. To pair, consider a Whiskey Espresso Barrel watch and our OG flask; making a collection of three great Christmas gifts for dad. 

Image of two Original Grain watches next to a glass of Whiskey

For the Military Proud

The Military Collection features materials inspired by the bravery and valor of all who have served. Many of the watches in our military collection are made of stonewashed stainless steel and reclaimed wood from actual ammunition crates – the crates that safely transported ammo to front-line troops.

Multiple watches in the Military Collection feature ammo crates, reclaimed army tent canvas, and antique brass stainless steel.

Timepieces from the Original Grain military collection honor the gear used by heroes of days past. One of these watches would be the perfect gift idea for your dad if he’s a rugged man who enjoys the art of adventure or serves in the military himself.

Image of a military dad wearing an Original Grain watch and tieing his boots

For the Nature Lover

If your dad’s always on the grill or in the woods and has been officially classified as “the outdoorsy type,” he might be tired of getting meat thermometers and hot sauces every year. Get your outdoorsy dad something that he’ll actually use this time. 

No matter if your dad’s in the woods, the backyard, or had to step into the office, he can always carry a piece of nature with him. 

Original Grain’s wide variety of woods including Burl, Ebony, Mahogany, Zebra, Ash, Oak, and others will excite your dad, and make him feel at home. We use only the finest time-tested raw materials and strictly adhere to age-old woodworking techniques.

If along with the forests, your dad loves the oceans, he might be deeply saddened by the pollution that’s been ruining them. Original Grain’s Ocean Plastic Diver is made of 100% recycled plastic that’s been taken out of the ocean and put to better use.

Image of Original Grain Sports Diver watch in pile of fishing rope

We’re a sustainable brand, always looking for ways to preserve and appreciate our planet. All Original Grain watches embody and honor the beauty of nature, as does your dad. Timepieces made of sustainable materials are the perfect gift for your nature-loving father.

Your dad will appreciate that Original Grain uses sustainable materials, preserves the character and patterns ingrained in each piece of timber, and plants a tree for every watch sold. This year you can combine both dad’s passion and some fashion into your gift.

For the Picky And Particular

If your dad didn’t fall into any of the above categories, and you’re still not sure of what to get him, we have some simple solutions. 

Gift cards are always an easy way to get away with not knowing what would be the best birthday gift for dad. Original Grain gift cards go from $50 to $500, so you can spend according to your budget.

If your dad is already an avid watch collector, and only just now receiving his first Original Grain, consider pairing his gift card with a watch roll or case. You’ll be helping your dad keep his prized possessions safe even if you didn’t pick them out yourself.

Get the Perfect Gift This Year

If you’re tired of getting gifts for your dad that end up untouched and in a drawer somewhere, try something new this year. Get him something that he’ll have no reason to let go of. Get him something that he’ll feel proud to own. Get your dad a gift that he’ll actually use.

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