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Why Our Materials Are Sustainable

At Original Grain, we create watches that merge the beauty of sustainability with thoughtful craftsmanship. We use natural hardwoods, discarded single-use plastics, and durable stainless steel to enhance the beauty, quality, and individuality of every single one of our watches.

We are proud supporters of the sustainable fashion movement, as sustainability is one of the pillars of our success. It was the bold move to use reclaimed sustainable hardwoods - wood with a story - that redefined what one should expect from a watch.

Watches have forever been a symbol of moments in time, and timber has been a part of each and every one of them. What our watches are made of is at the core of Original Grain. 

What is Sustainable Fashion?

To create sustainable fashion is to create in a way which is most considerate of humanity and the environment. The goal is to have a functional system that doesn’t harm our Earth or leave a negative footprint.

At Original Grain, we have great respect for the environment and the lifetimes it has supported. In creating our watches, we prioritize preserving the integrity of the nature we draw from.

The craftsmanship of our watches allows us to proudly contribute to the sustainable fashion movement. 

What Sustainable Materials Do We Use?

From reclaimed natural wood to recycled plastic, we source eco-friendly materials that make each and every watch unique. Let’s break down just how sustainable our materials are. 

why our materials are sustainable

Repurposed Woods

A large portion of the watches we offer are crafted using reclaimed woods from various moments in history (talk about a conversation starter!). 

By rescuing woods from around the world and reworking them into watches, we allow their stories to live on. We give a new purpose to woods from products that are now considered useless by others. Using reclaimed wood brings life into each of our designs: 

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Wood: ​​Our Whiskey Barrel Wood comes from Kentucky, home of America’s spirit–bourbon. These reclaimed American oak barrels were once used to store bourbon for up to 4 years.

Reclaimed Ammo Wood Crates: Made with reclaimed wood from actual ammunition crates.

Reclaimed Major League Baseball (MLB) Wood: All of the wood in the Reclaimed MLB collection is from vintage stadium seats ranging from Wrigley Field to Fenway Park.

Reclaimed Beer Barrel Wood: This wood is reclaimed from authentic German oak beer barrels. A true tribute to the German brew culture.

Tequila Barrel Wood: We craft with reclaimed Tequila barrels. Each watch features Agave blue indices & Agave plant insignia. Great stories start with great spirits.

Repurposed Plastics

We see value in repurposing all that has once had a purpose, even if its story isn’t as remarkable as ammo crates’. To turn single-use plastic into something worth remembering, we’ve added it to our plethora of repurposed materials.

Ocean Plastic: we created the Sport Diver, a 20ATM water-resistant watch made with 100% recycled ocean plastic.

By using reclaimed materials, we carry out the recycling and repurposing facets of sustainability. 

By repurposing products as opposed to creating new manufactured goods, we are able to take less. Although it may seem like a small act, all environmentally friendly actions ultimately add up to a larger environmental impact.

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The Power In Stainless Steel

Original Grain’s watches are crafted using high-quality stainless steel. Although not often mentioned, stainless steel is playing an important role in sustainable design. 

Ultimately, the most environmentally friendly materials possess the following qualities:

  • corrosion-resistant and durable
  • have high-recycled content
  • reduce resource use. 

Stainless steel provides all of these benefits. High-quality stainless steel that is properly maintained will last several lifetimes, meaning when you buy an Original Grain steel watch you will never need to replace it. 

Repurposed Materials Are More Meaningful

Our pieces are built to chronicle your accomplishments and withstand time. As our materials are passed down from history to you, your watch may be passed down from you to the generations to come.

Our watches made from the stadium seats that you once sat in will represent a memory for you that otherwise would have been lost. Our Sport Diver will forever remind you of the beautiful oceans you’ve visited throughout your life. If they could, your younger self would thank you for preserving their memories.

In our timepieces, we preserve raw materials, time, and memories.

Timeless, Slow Fashion

Our long-lasting watches are the antithesis of fast fashion. Aside from our repurposing efforts, our craftsmanship is another demonstration of our eco-friendly practices.

When it comes to craftsmanship, we choose traditional over trendy. In using only the finest time-tested raw materials we strictly adhere to age-old woodworking techniques. At Original Grain, sacrificing a few extra hours each day to handcraft each timepiece to perfection is well worth it.

The high quality of our watches means they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Despite the wearing out of MLB seating, and the ultimate consumption of beer and whiskey, the material once used still has value. 

At Original Grain, we want to share the stories ingrained into each of our watches. As members of the fashion industry, we see the importance of being slow fashion contributors and hope that others follow in our footsteps.

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Our Sustainable Practices

Original Grain is dedicated to sustainability and strives to make decisions that lessen our impact. We feel responsible for maintaining a healthy environment, as it’s what’s allowed us to produce our wooden watches.

The inspiration behind Original Grain was the beauty of nature. We recognize the impact that the fashion industry has had on our environment, and we challenge ourselves to grow consciously and responsibly to preserve its beauty.

In assisting with our ethical practices, we’ve proudly partnered with Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future’s mission is to end hunger and poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land. With the support of us and others, they will plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

By using reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials, creating reusable packaging, and contributing to like-minded causes, we continue to deliver on our brand promise.

At Original Grain, we’re proud to tell the story of our watches. Using sustainable materials is what makes each one of our products unique. Each timepiece is one-of-a-kind, and found in nature only once, just like you.

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