Gifts For Outdoors Lovers

Gifts For Outdoors Lovers

We all know outdoor lovers who feel more comfortable in nature than they do stuck inside.

When you’re stuck indoors, it feels like you have everything at your fingertips. Our outdoor friends tend to rely more on what they can find in nature and what they pack for themselves.

When shopping for outdoor lovers, we need to consider what they need when out on their adventures and what they care about most.

What Do Outdoor Lovers Care About

The most obvious thing that we can be sure our outdoor lovers care about is the outdoors. Enjoying, preserving, and respecting nature is what’s most important.

Gifts for nature lovers have to consider their activities and what they care about most. It’s best to give gifts that are sustainable and will preserve the beautiful world that surrounds us. 

While you’re doing your shopping, keep in mind that whatever you buy should respect nature. Sustainable gifts are made of reclaimed, reusable or recyclable materials, making them that much more beautiful and treasurable. 

What Kinds of Gifts Make an Outdoor Lover Happy?

There are two kinds of gifts that outdoor lovers appreciate most: ones that help them enjoy their time outside even more and those that ease their worries.

Gifts That Help Them Enjoy

A perfect way to show your outdoorsy friend that you know them is by gifting them items that make their adventures even more enjoyable. 

It’s essential to think about your friend’s lifestyle rather than yours when shopping for gifts.

Gifts For Enjoying The Outdoors

#1 Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a great way to make sure that outdoorsy types get to witness all of nature’s beauty while staying safe. 

We know that while out in nature, people tend to forget that they’re not invincible. Sunglasses help them enjoy the sun and the view without damaging their eyes.

#2 Hammocks

Hammocks are a fantastic gift for camping trips or just a casual day out in the woods. All you need to enjoy a hammock is two trees and a few minutes. While out in nature, it can be lovely to take a few minutes to sit, relax, and appreciate the view.

#3 A Good Book

With a nice pair of sunglasses and a comfy place to lounge, a great book can make every adventure so much more enjoyable. When you’re not hiking or fishing, simply being in nature with a good book can feel better than sitting inside with one.

Escaping the grid can feel relieving, but escaping the world and diving into a book can feel fantastic.

#4 A Water Bottle

Water bottles are crucial to pack with you during outdoor adventures. Staying hydrated lets us continue the journey and feel fueled for what’s to come. Durable and lightweight water bottles are excellent adventure gifts.

#5 Outdoor Gear

The great outdoors can be challenging to navigate at times. Having the proper gear can make the adventure so much more relaxing. Hiking boots, a sleeping bag, a watch, or an army knife can come in handy when we need them most.

National parks will often list what they have available and what you should pack on your own. Your job is to gift outdoor gear that your adventure lover will need most.

Gifts That Ease Worries

When our outdoorsy friends are out on their adventures, they don’t have the best idea of what’s going to happen. Whether circumstances impact them personally or their loved ones back in civilization, it’s best to be prepared.

Being properly prepared can make everyone less anxious and more excited. The outdoorsy types love being in nature, but they’re most relaxed when they know that everything will be okay.

Gifts For Easing Worries

#1 All Things Water Resistant

While out in nature, the elements can have a significant impact on your experience. We can’t control the wind, rain, or snow, but we can have the proper gear to keep our things safe and working. 

A water-resistant bag is an excellent gift for all outdoorsmen. Some things just don’t come in water-resistant material, but backpacks do. A waterproof bag is the best place to store hiking socks, mess kits, and hammocks.

In terms of fashion, water-resistant clothing and accessories are great gift ideas also. Waterproof pants let our nature lover friends sit comfortably in their boat or on some gorgeous boulders.

#2 A Watch

Watches are great because they help us keep track of the time. Yes, the sun is an excellent indicator of the approaching evening, but the difference between 4 pm and 5 pm is very slim. A watch can give someone the ultimate reassurance.

We know that water-resistant and sustainable watches are hard to come across, but a few are out there. At Original Grain, the Ocean Plastic Diver Collection is beautiful, made with 100% recycled plastic and 20 ATM water-resistant.

Phones tell us the time, but they don’t let us disconnect from the digital world. A beautiful and practical watch can let your outdoorsy types know that it’s time to pack up for the day and head back home.

#3 A Walkie-Talkie

Walkie Talkies are a fun way to keep in touch with whoever you may need to. Like non-digital watches, walkie-talkies are perfect for staying connected with society without being burdened by technology. 

If your outdoor friend is close enough, they can check in with others and let everyone know they’re safe. Keep one for you and give the other as a gift to ease both of your worries.

#4 First-aid Kit

A first-aid kit is another item that eases everyone’s concerns. A multitude of things can happen while out in the wilderness. Make sure that you have some items with you to mitigate minor and manageable injuries.

You can take care of a small nick or a slight slip if you have some basic necessities. You’ll feel prepared for any situation if you have a first-aid kit with sting relief, burn shield, bandages, and ankle wraps.

#5 Extra Snacks

Snacks are fantastic stocking stuffers. While outdoors, we don’t have the luxury of walking to the pantry and grabbing a quick bite. It’s easy to lose track of our hunger while out and about making it essential to come prepared with yummy snacks. 

A few protein-packed snacks can keep the adventure going and prevent us from feeling drained. Having one less thing to worry about is always optimal and can be incredibly helpful.

Nature-Centered Gift Giving

At Original Grain, we craft watches, but we’re also outdoor enthusiasts. We wanted to find a way to combine both of our passions into one item that other people like us could enjoy.

On days when we’re not in the office or workspace, we find ourselves in the woods or at sea. By using reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials, we constantly feel in touch with nature.

Gift the outdoor lover in your life with something they’ll use, love, and appreciate for a lifetime.  

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