Cody Jay

Cody Jay

April 25th, 2017 

"This is how "trekking" changed my life &
millions of Nepalese Children"

Cody Jay is on a mission to climb the highest mountain in every continent. With each climb, he raises funds & awareness for the suffering education in Nepal. We sat down with Cody to get an original look at his epic undertaking:

The 7 Summits Project.


Here's what he has to say: 

Hi, I’m Cody and I’m the one who’s looking to pursue this goal, the 7 Summits Project. I guess I’d better let you in on how this idea came about..


I inherited a love of the great outdoors from my late grandfather. He was an avid hunter, trekker and mountain lover, often volunteering on rescue teams operating on Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest and deadliest mountain. He had a dream of climbing high peaks around the world, chasing adventure and the sense of achievement that comes with it. Unfortunately, a family came along which meant full-time employment and the commitment that comes with it (not unfortunate that he had a family of course. I for one am glad he did.

It was my grandfather's ambition that inspired me to partake in the excursion of a lifetime. Over a period of several years I’m aiming to scale the 7 Summits: the highest mountain on every continent. In doing so, I’m looking to raise funding and awareness for children's education in Nepal. I’m particularly focused on the establishment/rebuilding of schools and education material in some of the most impoverished areas in the region.


Objective:  Education Project Nepal

Location: Nepal – Nawalparasi District

With help from Save the Children, I'm aiming to make changes in twelve different schools to improve their educational abilities. Through this program, teachers will receive the support to strengthen the literacy of students, improve attendance, enhance the physical environment of the school, and develop different materials to compliment lesson plans. All-in-all, the training is there to boost the confidence within the teachers to engage students later on. 

As of December 2016, the contributions I have received have allowed me to contribute to the construction of a new two-room building, renovation of six classrooms, and the purchase of various school materials to aid in the learning process.  

So far, this project has been able to reach 78 girls and 73 boys in Nepal. If you find some benefit from our cause, please consider donating a few dollars to help fund the education projects I am working on. One hundred percent of your donations goes through Save the Children to the intended cause and is completely tax deductible. Check out Cody's website & blog here to support his ambitious cause. 

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