Authenticity starts with tradition. And nothing says tradition like the trusted tone of Taylor Guitars. That’s why Original Grain and Taylor Guitars are coming together, to bring you San Diego craftsmanship at its finest with a limited edition collection of watches made with reclaimed Urban Ash and Ironbark, Hawaiian Koa, and Cameroon Ebony woods, left over from Taylor’s manufacturing process.

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  • Cameroon Ebony

    Sustainably sourced from Cameroon, this striped West African ebony wood is found in the pinnacle of the Taylor Guitar’s line exclusively featured in their Presentation Series. Each watch is one-of-a-kind featuring unique striping and colors of ebony wood.

  • Urban Ash

    Found in urban cities of Southern California, Urban Ash wood, also known as Shamel wood is sourced from city trees that need to be removed due to age, safety concerns, and other factors. The wood in these watches are stained with Taylor Guitar wood stain.

  • Limited Edition Packaging

    Each watch in collaboration with Taylor Guitars is beautifully encased in a wood box with red felt lining. It includes extra links for the perfect fit on any wrist.

  • A Perfect Match for

    Music lovers alike who want to showoff on a high note. This watch is perfect for those who prefer a true chronograph movement and larger watch face.

Giving back with every purchase


Guitars for Vets is a nonprofit organization committed to helping veterans with PTSD through music. This organization provides lessons, guitars, and a support network for veterans. Through the teamwork and camaraderie of Guitars for Vets, veterans can join a community where they learn to play guitar and find solace in the songs they love as well as the songs they have yet to write.


Tree San Diego is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the quality and density of San Diego County’s urban forest for the benefit of people, the environment, and the future. They collaborate with local and state government agencies to plant the right trees in the right places with the right care.