5 Must-Do Deeds for the One You Love

5 Must-Do Deeds for the One You Love

Is there anything more powerful than telling someone you love them? That timeless, explicit confirmation of one’s deepest appreciation is just verbal gold.
And yet, it’s not enough.
Actions - heartfelt, endearing actions - are consistently needed to truly back up those three words. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, what better time to explore a short list of the deeds that perfectly accompany the words “I love you.”
Here are five time-tested, Cupid-approved ways to show your love for that special person in your life.
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Make the Meal Memorable

Good food will lift your mood within seconds, but amazing food in an unforgettable setting? That memory lasts a lifetime. Because if there’s one word that has no business being within 500 feet of Valentine’s Day, it’s “hangry.”
So you can go two ways here, dinner out or in, but beyond that, the possibilities are endless. What’s his or her favorite food? Now, find out who does that dish the best in your city/state/country/world. Go there.
You can toss caution to the wind and enjoy the high life at a 5-star restaurant, or set a table for two on the beach. A magnificent meal doesn’t have to cost an arm or leg; it just has to be delicious and unique.


Nothing says devotion like treating someone with excessive care and attention. While only one of us can be Meghan Markle, we all deserve the royal treatment now and then.

Spa treatments. Foot rubs. Chauffeured trips. Generous gifts. Fetching a cold beverage at a moment’s notice. Anything goes. Pampering your favorite person for a day is perfect, but do it for a week, and your love will forever go unchallenged.
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Get Creative

Sometimes the most meaningful gift comes with no price tag. Even if you’re not the creative type, putting abundant TLC into a homemade gift shows a level of love that just can’t be bought.
Consider these options:
  • Make a sweet/funny video
  • Write a song/poem/short story
  • Paint a picture
  • Build something from wood (or ice, but you gotta be quick there)
  • Make a thoughtful mixtape/playlist
  • Design a slew of memes with your relationship’s best inside jokes
When you create with love, you can’t go wrong.

Seize an Instant Adventure

Whether it’s a Caribbean cruise, cabin in the mountains, or a European vacation, the element of surprise can make any getaway an instant classic. Can’t swing a plane trip? Aim for a spin in a helicopter, gondola, or horseback. The secret/spontaneous trip does often come with some risks, but if you can pull this one off, you’ll clinch a lifetime of brownie points (and maybe brownies too).
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Show You Remember
This final tip can and should be incorporated with all of the actions above because it’s crucial to show how much you care. It’s all about recall. Tickets to see their childhood idol in concert. A scrapbook of all your mutual ticket stubs. A pet they’ve always wanted. Showing you’re a student of their life - that you’ve paid attention and made a note of what moved them in the past – is a true gift itself.
Let the lovefest commence!
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