5 Authentic Ways to Embrace Autumn

5 Authentic Ways to Embrace Autumn

Fall brings with it a welcomed nip in the air and an opportunity to engage in timeless traditions. But if you think you’re confined to leaf raking and pumpkin spice-a-palooza, think again.

From the open road to the open fire, the modern-day gentleman and woman have a plethora of options when it comes to savoring the season. Here are five of our favorite ways to embrace autumn.


1- Ride through the Countryside

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No matter how many years you’ve lived, seeing trees turn dazzling shades of yellow, orange and red never gets old. Hopping on your go-to bike will let you soak up the scenery double time, with the added bonus of crisp air filling up your lungs. Travel safe.

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2- Gear Up

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Whether it’s a versatile waxed canvas jacket, dashing peacoat, or battle-ready leather boots, fall’s arrival lets you take a fresh approach to your wardrobe. Maybe that means a new leather bag, some fresh denim, or just a flannel refresh; point is, the canvas is blank and it’s yours to paint on.

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3- Concoct a Fall Elixir

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The perfect fall drink should be rich in color and warm going down. Consulting with expert mixologists will guarantee something good, but we say go the DIY route and take the reins yourself. Assemble a murderer’s row of fall’s heaviest hitters (bourbon, whiskey, spiced rum) and decide which seasonal ingredients (ale, apple cider, fresh cranberries) provide the most punch. Consume with friends by an open fire for maximum fall vibes.

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4 - Seek Out an Authentic Scare

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Halloween season now seems to last about six weeks, giving you plenty of time to indulge in a fright or two. While we love the professional haunts and houses, there’s something to be said for exploring on your own. Grab a trustworthy partner and visit the Stanley Hotel in Colorado (the inspiration for The Shining) or an abandoned penitentiary in Philadelphia. Heck, even a midnight stroll through the nearest woods will reconnect you with your primal instincts. Boo.

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5 - Relish October Baseball

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Playoff baseball is a different breed of the national pastime. Whereas the regular season is a relaxing background companion, the postseason demands your attention from pitch one. Nothing beats the in-stadium experience, but if your team had an off year, or there’s just no baseball near you, a dose of high school football under the Friday night lights will also work nicely.

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