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Wow your father, grandfather, uncle, or any special man in your life with a timeless keepsake from Original Grain this Father’s Day. Here are the presents the Original Grain team believes every father can’t live without.

"I'm gifting my dad the Mahogany Silver Grainmaster because he always has been and always will be the coolest guy I know. It's the perfect fit because just like the GT40 that inspired this watch, my dad is a legend."

-Victoria, Senior Accountant

VICTORIA’S FAVORITE DAD MEMORY: Playing WrestleMania in the living room. We'd clear out the furniture to make a ring and even had special moves: the Claw, Powerbomb and Backbreaker. You never wanted to get the claw, that’s for sure!

“My dad is the kind of guy who sticks with his watches. The last watch he had he wore every day for 20 years! Since our Barrel watch is such a classic, I want to give him our Whiskey Barrel 46MM. After 20 years, it is time to switch things up. Good thing our watch will last just as long!”

-Kelsey, Lead UX/UI Designer

KELSEY’S FAVORITE DADISM: “Use your head for something other than a hat rack.”

“My dad is a pretty classy guy, doesnt like to stand out too much. He's always loved the look of our watches because it has a level of craftsmanship & sophistication that goes with his Northwest roots. I'm going to gift him the Sapele Barrel 42mm, it's the perfect balance of a little flash with a cool story on his wrist!”

-Ryan, Co-Founder

RYAN’S FAVORITE DADISM: “Don't take no wooden nickels.”

“My husband and his father are more alike than they realize and over the years, they've only gotten closer. Because we aren't able to visit this year, we wanted to give him a special gift that reminds him of us every time he wears it. The Sapele Bronze Barrel 46mm is the perfect watch because the cool teal face will remind him of all our amazing vacations near the water together.”

-Chris, V.P. of Marketing’s Husband

CHRIS’ FAVORITE DADISM: “It's not cool to be cold. Grab a jacket.”

"My dad knew there was a time to work hard and also a time to party hard. He had a wild sense of humor and adventure he passed onto my brother and I. When he wasn’t cracking jokes, he loved to be coastal and wearing any one of the many gems in his extensive Hawaiian shirt collection. We lost my father to ALS a few years ago, but this year for Father’s Day, I’m going to gift my brother the Koa Chrono to keep my Dad’s love for the coastal lifestyle alive and with him."

-Alex, Sr. Graphic Desiger

ALEX’S FAVORITE DAD MEMORY: As a kid I was terrified of the doll from Chucky, and when we went to Planet Hollywood my Dad had us sit under one of the movie replica dolls, and then proceeded to order a lobster and make it chase me around the table. I was in tears crying to my Mom but my Dad was having the time of his life haha. To this day, I still don’t like Chucky. Or Lobsters.








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Let us help with the wrapping by presenting your watch in a black velvet Original Grain gift bag. The watch comes in a beautiful wood box that fits perfectly inside the gift bag.