Posted by: Nick Small July 28, 2016

Wood Dials: For The Love Of Nature!


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Author Beirut Abu Hdaib became fascinated with our newest watch rollout, the Wood Dial Collection. As you know, lots of our followers loved the wood dials on those styles that had them, so we wanted to give the people what they want. Introducing 6 new Wood Dial styles featuring both the Barrel and Minimalist collections.

It seems like the Wood Dials brought back Beirut's watch obsession, guilty as charged! She says, "I remember a time when I was OBSESSED with watches! I truly thought I was over my watch obsession until I saw these hand crafted watches with wood dials on Original Grain and they blew my mind."

We are truly honored Beirut, and inspired that our watches could bring back your watch obsession! 

To read more about Beirut's piece, click the link here!